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Sicilian Islands: Mediterranean Pearls

Aeolian Islands Lampedusa


Aeolian Islands: World heritage archipelago (Unesco)

Il Principe Hotel Catania - On the road to the Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands - Messina - Sicily - Italy
The Aeolian Islands (Italian Isole Eolie) are a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. They are a popular tourist destination and attract up to thousands visitors annually.
The 7 islands of the Archipelago
Island by Island
Lipari - the main island and the main town (called Lipari as well) is the transport hub, with plenty of hotels and makes a good base.
Vulcano - right next to Lipari, this island is dominated by the Gran Cratere volcano cone giving off clouds of sulphurous gas. This peak gives great views. The island is popular for its beaches and mud baths.
Salina - it is lush and hilly, great for a relaxing walk. Some of the film Il Postino was shot here.
Panarea - a smaller, upmarket island with great views across to Stromboli.
Stromboli - the most remote of the islands, it is little more than a volcano rising out of the sea. Popular for trips out at night to see magma spurting out of the cone.
Filicudi and Alicudi - lie to the West and are much less visited, particularly Alicudi, which is still primarily agrarian.
How to reach the Aeolian Islands
There are frequent ferries, ships and much quicker hydrofoils from Milazzo and Messina to the Aeolian Islands
Ships and hydrofoils from Milazzo to Aeolian Islands
Tourist Ferry Boat from Milazzo to Aeolian Islands
Fast hydrofoils from Milazzo to Aeolian Islands

No air travel is available to the archipelago

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Lampedusa - Pelagie Islands: Nature reserve

Il Principe Hotel Catania - On the road to Lampedusa

Lampedusa - Agrigento - Sicily - Italy
The Mediterranean island of Lampedusa is the largest of the Pelagie Islands
Thousands tourists choose annually the Island of Lampedusa thanks to its climate warm throughout the year and its spectacular areas and beaches.
In the island there are a nature reserved area and a marine reserved area managed mainly for the conservation of its specific natural features.
The Isola dei Conigli (literally ‘Island of Rabbits’), which is close to the south coast of Lampedusa, is one of the last remaining egg-laying sites in Italy for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, which is endangered throughout the Mediterranean.
A full immersion of sun, sea, beaches, diving, flora, fauna.... is what the island offers to its visitors
Lampedusa Beaches
Cala Guitgia
Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island)
Cala Croce
Cala Creta
Cala Madonna
Cala Francese
Cala Maluk
Cala Greca
Cala Stretta
Cala Galera
Cala Pulcino
Baia Grecale
How to reach Lampedusa
Lampedusa is connected to Sicily by a ferry service with the seaport of Porto Empedocle, near Agrigento, Sicily, Italy.
Fast sea transport service from Porto Empedocle to Lampedusa
Ships from Porto Empedocle to Lampedusa
Lampedusa has also a small national airport connected to Catania by daily low-cost flight
Cheap flights from Catania to Lampedusa by Air One

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